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Agency Amur

Agency Amur

Love situations

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О книге

The protagonist decided to go into business and establish his own agency, like a detective. But to be engaged only in love relations, such here specialization. In the first case it is necessary to check the «object», a pretty girl, for moral stability. To do this, our head of the agency takes a hotel room and a table in the restaurant downstairs. After supper… And what happened after supper, read in the book.

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Александр Невзоров

The first case Once I decided to start my own business and opened the "Amour Agency, love affairs". I took off a small office, posted advertisements. A week later I had my first client. His name was Vladimir. His request was unusual. Although now, at the very beginning of my activity, all the requests of customers were unexpected. Once Vladimir was riding a bus, an ordinary city bus. And next to him was a girl. He immediately liked him. He wanted to talk to her, but could not, was embarrassed. Then he had to leave, and the girl went on. And now Vladimir wants to find her, apparently, here love at first sight. It's all? All. He said: "Oleg, do you take on this business?" I replied: "You have to think about it. Let's do this. I'll give you a written response tomorrow (via the Internet). " On that and parted. What I did not immediately agree about was my right business approach to clients. It is necessary to sustain a pause and, as they say, to fill yourself with a price. And secondly, you just had to think if I could really help him.

August 21, 2017, в 6:57 AM


Leon Malin
The book «Agency Amour» is the third story of Leon Malin. The third, but not the last. If the book will have success with the reader, then surely the continuation will follow. And here the author has a lot of ideas on this subject. Yes, and the theme itself, the topic of love relationships, almost inexhaustible…