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Russian story

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О книге

The hero suddenly receives a message from the past and goes to an unheard of adventure, to revive the deceased. What is it, somebody’s joke, a rally or really invented the Elixir of Eternal Life? But real life puts everything in its place. The adventure turns into a deadly danger, and love is an official necessity. The story is quickly read, it is really interesting. There are here also characteristic characters, there is a twisted plot and an unexpected ending.

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Александр Невзоров

Elixir Being somehow in another city, from saving money, I stopped at a supernumerary hotel. It was a hot and stuffy summer. I lay at night in bed in my room and could not fall asleep. The day went well, tomorrow it was possible to return home. There was no air-conditioning in the room, and the open window did not help. Yes, and mosquitoes. I got up to drink water, turned on the light. Under the fridge shaded the shadow, cockroach. I do not like cockroaches. I took off the sneakers and slightly pushed the refrigerator away. Here he is! A cockroach on the floor, one, two, but all by. On the spot near the wall where the refrigerator stood, there was a skirting board, from under which a small edge of a piece of paper looked out. I pulled it out. It turned out to be a yellowed sheet with a text printed on a typewriter. The machine was mechanical, because some letters sank and were more faded than others. The text read: "If you are reading my letter now, then I am no longer alive. The keepers of the Secret of Elixir have been following me for a long time. And now one of them is on the opposite side of the street, I see it in the window. " I went to the window, the lights lit up the deserted street. No one, like, was not. I continued reading: "I am facing a certain death, because I have stolen them Secret. The secret of Elixir is simply not put into the hands of others. Elixir can revive the dead, grant eternal life and turn mercury into gold. The secret formula I hid in the banking cell. And I have a little Elixir with me, it is hidden in my body. Why do I tell you all this? I do not even know you.

August 21, 2017, в 6:49 AM


Leon Malin
This is the second story of Leon Malina. The first, «Happy Ticket», can be downloaded and purchased in printed form in online stores Amazon, Ozone, Litters, Bookmoney, in mobile applications. The story «Lena-prosecutor» tends more toward the «investigative» genre, in contrast to the first one. In fact, this is a full-fledged detective. I wonder where in the future will lead the path of a novice writer.