Blow job

Blow job

Bloody sex

16 стр.
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О книге

The main hero of the story, an artist from Moscow, goes to the Tver region to buy a house in the village. The owners of the house, a young girl and her mother, persuade the Muscovite to stay with them for several days. The first night a woman climbs up to the artist under the blanket. The second night he mates with her, but also does not know who it is. Everything is decided on the third night, when all three of them arrange a real orgy in the bath.



Vitaly Mushkin
This is the eighth erotic story of Vitaly Mushkin. But the first, where the mythical component is weaved into the story line. It’s not just sex. Here sex with the addition of secrets. Sex, which makes the main character doubt the truth of what is happening. Sex before losing consciousness. Sex with fantastic revelations. Sex with an unpredictable end and chilling horror.