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Missing mistress

Missing mistress

Agency Amur

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О книге

One man lost his mistress. And how to find her, if she has a husband? The case is taken by the Agency of Amur, its leader and the main character of the book Oleg, as well as his military assistant Victoria. They find the lady, but everything is not so simple…

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Александр Невзоров

Once a man came to our Agency (Agency Amur, affairs related to love relations). "I lost my mistress," he said and told the following story. Sergey got acquainted with Irina (that's the name of his "lady of the heart") in the seaside resort, in Sochi. The novel flared with extraordinary strength. Mad hot nights, all-consuming passion. The time of rest flew instantly, but (fortunately or unfortunately) the lovers turned out to be from the same city, from St. Petersburg. They transferred their novel to their hometown, but here there were difficulties, Irina was married. Her husband (with her words) was very jealous, so they could not meet freely, like at sea, they could not. And the meetings became less and less frequent. And then Ira suddenly disappeared. The phone did not answer, it did not appear on social networks, our "Romeo" could not go to her home. "It's a trivial story," I thought. - The lover was tired of a beautiful woman and she left him.

August 21, 2017, в 8:37 AM


Leon Malin
«Missing mistress» — the third story of Leon Malin about the activities of the Amur Agency, which deals only with «love affairs». A large book will soon be compiled from the stories about the Amur Agency, which, we hope, will be accessible to the widest circle of readers.