Agency Amur

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The first case

Once I decided to start my own business and opened the “Amour Agency, love affairs”. I took off a small office, posted advertisements. A week later I had my first client. His name was Vladimir. His request was unusual. Although now, at the very beginning of my activity, all the requests of customers were unexpected. Once Vladimir was riding a bus, an ordinary city bus. And next to him was a girl. He immediately liked him. He wanted to talk to her, but could not, was embarrassed. Then he had to leave, and the girl went on. And now Vladimir wants to find her, apparently, here love at first sight. It’s all? All. He said: “Oleg, do you take on this business?” I replied: “You have to think about it. Let’s do this. I’ll give you a written response tomorrow (via the Internet). " On that and parted. What I did not immediately agree about was my right business approach to clients. It is necessary to sustain a pause and, as they say, to fill yourself with a price. And secondly, you just had to think if I could really help him.

After thinking hard, the next day I sent the customer an e-mail with the following content: “Dear Vladimir! I’ll take your case. My terms are as follows. You pay for the time I spent, written reports will be provided to you periodically. In addition, I will include representative expenses, flowers, bills from cafes, etc., incurred by me. If everything goes well, I can find a girl and prepare her for the meeting so that she actually accepts the offer of the hand and heart on the first date, then you pay me the amount … — And I printed a number with a lot of zeros. — The term of our contract is 1 month. If you agree, let me know. Yours faithfully, etc. “The answer came to surprise quickly, he agreed.

First of all, we had to draw up a plan of action. I could find a kopeck piece only in one case, if it was her regular bus route. I looked at the path of the bus. After leaving my client, he passed 3 stops to the “ring”. So I had to photograph all the girls leaving the bus, falling under the description, at intervals of an hour or two from the time when Vladimir was driving. At all three stops in front of the “ring”. I did it. Pictures of more or less similar (for description) of young women I sent to the customer. And, oh, a miracle! In one of them he recognized his stranger. Then it was easier to act. The next day I followed the path of the “object” and it turned out that she works as a waitress in a cafe and goes on this bus to work. It was necessary to get to know each other better. I went to the cafe as a visitor, sat down at the supposed table for the service of my waitress and opened the menu. She approached. On the badge was written: “Vika”. “Vika,” I introduced myself and gave her my business card, “I have a serious conversation for you.” — “On what topic?” — “You are looking for a man. He liked you and he hired me to find you. “She was confused: “An interesting man?” — “Yes.” Vika promised to come to my office the next day. Just in case, I took her phone. After drinking a cup of coffee, I bowed.


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