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Treason willy-nilly

Treason willy-nilly

Agency Amur

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A wife secretly from her husband is going to file for divorce. And to profitably share the property, sends it (her husband) along with the staff of the Amur Agency to a resort in Egypt. Oleg and Vika readily take on difficult work, help the spouse commit treason. And they are helped, of course, by chance…


Александр Невзоров

Spring is late this year. It was the middle of April, and in the street there was still a typical St. Petersburg winter. Snow with rain, wind and sleet. Victoria and I were sitting in the office and doing business. She placed advertisement of the Agency in her computer (Agency Amur, affairs of love), I in my laid out solitaires. - Now would be somewhere in Egypt, for a week. It's warm there, there's the sun, there's the sea ... "my assistant said dreamily. "We have not earned a vacation yet," I growled. A middle-aged woman came in at the door. - Hello, I'm at the address? - It depends on what you do. - I have a very delicate and delicate business. I sat the woman more comfortable and asked Victoria to make coffee.

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Leon Malin
The story «Treason willy-nilly» is the fourth in a row about the activities of the glorious Amour Agency, investigating various intricate cases related to feelings and love. Previous stories can be downloaded and bought in all major online stores.