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Treason willy-nilly

Treason willy-nilly

Agency Amur

15 стр.
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О книге

A wife secretly from her husband is going to file for divorce. And to profitably share the property, sends it (her husband) along with the staff of the Amur Agency to a resort in Egypt. Oleg and Vika readily take on difficult work, help the spouse commit treason. And they are helped, of course, by chance…

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Александр Невзоров

Spring is late this year. It was the middle of April, and in the street there was still a typical St. Petersburg winter. Snow with rain, wind and sleet. Victoria and I were sitting in the office and doing business. She placed advertisement of the Agency in her computer (Agency Amur, affairs of love), I in my laid out solitaires. - Now would be somewhere in Egypt, for a week. It's warm there, there's the sun, there's the sea ... "my assistant said dreamily. "We have not earned a vacation yet," I growled. A middle-aged woman came in at the door. - Hello, I'm at the address? - It depends on what you do. - I have a very delicate and delicate business. I sat the woman more comfortable and asked Victoria to make coffee.

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Leon Malin
The story «Treason willy-nilly» is the fourth in a row about the activities of the glorious Amour Agency, investigating various intricate cases related to feelings and love. Previous stories can be downloaded and bought in all major online stores.