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$ 300 Million

$ 300 Million

Part 3. Faith

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The third part of the book «300 million dollars» was published. The narration here is in the form of diary entries, so it really is. What thoughts visited the author of the work. What he did now and is going to do in the future. How are his financial affairs going? Before the eyes of readers there is a small segment of the life of Alexander Nevzorov. Make a reality of his dreams (ideas) about the apartment, car, dacha and bank account. Do not you want to do this path you?

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Александр Невзоров

12/17/2016. Today I begin to write the third part of the book "300 million dollars" under the conditional name (3 parts) - Vera. More precisely, I began to write this book back then, in 2011, but all the records I lost. The name of the 3rd part (Faith) is purely conditional so far, maybe I will name it somehow differently. What prompted me to start writing the third part? First, the promise given at the end of the second book, entitled "Happiness". And secondly, that both the previous parts are successful and have started a "big" "independent" "life". The book "300 million dollars" and its second part Happiness came out just on sale in all the largest online stores in electronic form and in the form of "print on demand." They can be bought on Amazon, Ozon, Litres and other Internet sites. Data on sales to me is not yet known, I will report them later. In addition to these 2 books, I have 6 books of another subject for sale. Two horoscopes, two collections of poems, one book-game and a guide to brands (advertising and economic-consumer). You can read them. All the books were written at different times, mostly in the last year or two, but are put up for sale just now, the case turned up. But is it the case? Of course, not the case. This is the mechanism that is described in 1 and 2 parts of my book "300 million dollars". What happened during this time, since the end of the entries in the 2nd book "Happiness"? They (last entries) are dated March-April 2011, i.e. it's been almost 6 years now. A long time ... A long time for what? And what is the term in general? Has vanished into oblivion (it seems so speak) my small business with employment. At present I am resting from the "running" of entrepreneurship (official). And why should I have all these problems? Now (the last 2 years) I concentrated (except writing books) on one of my big internet projects. It is connected with advertising. "Exhaust" from him yet, but it will be, I'm sure. Officially I'm employed and go to work, where I get money, to one place where my head (brain) is free, my hands are free (to write down thoughts), my legs are free - I can walk (walk) or sit down. That's all for now, my dear readers. I have already become bored without you ...

September 10, 2017, в 8:55 AM


Alexander Nevzorov
This is the third part of the book «300 million dollars» in English. It so happened that this is the jubilee, hundredth book of Alexander Nevzorov. In addition to thinking about working with the subconscious (this work), the author writes poetry, horoscopes, tests. He also publishes works of art and stories under two pseudonyms. All books by A. Nevzorov can be downloaded and bought on the Internet, in the largest electronic stores, in particular the Amazon.