On whom Vladimir Putin is married

On whom Vladimir Putin is married

Poems about Putin

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The book included 10 poems: «Putin’s successor», «Do Putin’s doubles», «What color socks does Putin wear,» «What Putin’s eating for dinner,» «Who’s in Russia itself,» «Putin and the penguins of Madagascar,» " Who is Putin?, «Is V. Putin» evil»,» Billions of Putin «and» Who is married to Vladimir Putin».


Александр Невзоров

On whom Vladimir Putin is married Big trembling question There is an unofficial referendum Bench quiz On whom Vladimir Putin is married Nu-State Secret All media are at a crossroads Intelligence want to know the answer On whom Vladimir Putin is married Ask him better But it will probably also be He does not care at all

30 марта 2017 г., в 11:05


Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov
Is Putin a good man or a bad man? He is neither good nor bad. He is what the people need, because the people vote for him. So, it’s just a people’s «reflection». And there’s nothing to scold him about, because they usually do not scold themselves. And praise? You can praise. After all, everyone praises himself with pleasure. Hence my poems. True, the views of the country’s leader among its residents can vary. That’s when I’ll write new poems about Putin.