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Today I begin to write the third part of the book “300 million dollars” under the conditional name (3 parts) — Vera. More precisely, I began to write this book back then, in 2011, but all the records I lost. The name of the 3rd part (Faith) is purely conditional so far, maybe I will name it somehow differently. What prompted me to start writing the third part? First, the promise given at the end of the second book, entitled “Happiness”. And secondly, that both the previous parts are successful and have started a “big” “independent” “life”. The book “300 million dollars” and its second part Happiness came out just on sale in all the largest online stores in electronic form and in the form of “print on demand.” They can be bought on Amazon, Ozon, Litres and other Internet sites. Data on sales to me is not yet known, I will report them later. In addition to these 2 books, I have 6 books of another subject for sale. Two horoscopes, two collections of poems, one book-game and a guide to brands (advertising and economic-consumer). You can read them. All the books were written at different times, mostly in the last year or two, but are put up for sale just now, the case turned up. But is it the case? Of course, not the case. This is the mechanism that is described in 1 and 2 parts of my book “300 million dollars”.

What happened during this time, since the end of the entries in the 2nd book “Happiness”? They (last entries) are dated March-April 2011, i.e. it’s been almost 6 years now. A long time… A long time for what? And what is the term in general? Has vanished into oblivion (it seems so speak) my small business with employment. At present I am resting from the “running” of entrepreneurship (official). And why should I have all these problems? Now (the last 2 years) I concentrated (except writing books) on one of my big internet projects. It is connected with advertising. “Exhaust” from him yet, but it will be, I’m sure. Officially I’m employed and go to work, where I get money, to one place where my head (brain) is free, my hands are free (to write down thoughts), my legs are free — I can walk (walk) or sit down.

That’s all for now, my dear readers. I have already become bored without you…


My current job allows me to get all the money from it, not to spend completely, but also to postpone it. I do not save much, I eat well, I dress properly and so on. But the reader, of course, is interested, but how many million dollars I already have. Specifically. Well, after thinking about this issue, I come to the conclusion that I can call the exact figure in millions of dollars, but later, by the end of the book, if I finish it and decide to publish it. So will intrigue. A book without intrigue is boring. Today, here, I would like to write about something else.

I (I think, like most people) are somewhat superstitious. For some time, I worked out a theory that for me, the lucky number is the number 9 and other numbers close to the whole (10, 100, 1000, 100000, etc.), but hardly reach them. For example, 9, 99 or 98, 998, 997 and so on. And in any combination of numbers (for example, the number of a passing car), I added numbers to reach the number, for me happy or not (as I thought). Why do I write about this in the past tense? Just once, not so long ago, I decided to finish this game. How? If I invented it for myself, then I myself can think of a way out of it (from the game). And what if the happy period is not “stretched” to the next series of figures that have met, but to infinity, forever? No sooner said than done. One day, after waiting for the “falling” of the lucky number, I told myself — this lucky lucky number is now valid forever, I do not need a combination of numbers anymore, I’ve already caught my lucky number (by the tail). And I do not add more numbers and numbers. What for? I have already provided myself with digital happiness.


Six years have passed since the beginning of writing the first book “300 million dollars.” Is this a lot or a little? Life is changing, people are changing, habits, opinions, views are changing… Looking back, for 2010—2011, I understand that that time was for me, as it is now fashionable to say “bottom achievement”. And the beginning of writing the book was a push (powerful), which I pushed off from the bottom and began to move upward. Looking now on the record of 2010, I see that much of what I was doing then, now (for me) is not at all relevant. I do not participate in paid surveys, do not participate in affiliate programs, do not do much of what I was so passionate about writing earlier. This is not because I was disappointed in the programs for earning money on the Internet, just now I’m busy with other things, more interesting for me to date, including the web. Affiliate programs, paid surveys and other similar services have not lost their attractiveness, they are more suitable for start-up businessmen and sharks of the Internet. What am I doing now? About this later.

There is a somewhat paradoxical view, and I share it, that it is better to do something better by teaching others to do it. I hope, I clearly state. All gurus (in this context — people dedicated to the most secret secrets) of any business (business) are teachers (I will not write this word with a capital letter). And what is the meaning of the word “Guru” Wikipedia: “Guru — worthy, great, important, hard, established in the truth, unshakable, teacher, master.” It turns out that the meaning is the same. All the best professionals in their field are teachers. Hence it follows that the best way to earn money is to actually earn money. And you can train and train, learn and train any business. Is it all right? To anyone, absolutely. Can you teach (learn) the music of a person (person) who does not have a so-called “musical ear”? Can. Is it possible to teach (learn) the painting of the one (that) who does not have this attitude? Can. Can anyone learn to write poetry? Can. I myself have been writing poems for a relatively long time, there is nothing complicated in this. If the time comes and “reach the hands”, I’ll write a book “How to learn to write poetry” so that everyone can write them (verses).


I wanted to call this (third) part of the book “300 million dollars” “Vera”. Why? Because the basis of my presentation in this book is faith. If you believe, then you are striving for something, if not, then there is no sense in moving in this direction. And if you do not believe, can anything be achieved? Probably, it is possible, by chance…

There is an opinion that the lower the level of development of a person (the nation), the higher the level of faith. Is it so or not? Perhaps so. But after all, developed people (nations) also believe in something. Let not in religion, but in some principles, dogma. In democracy, in freedom, in private initiative, in the possibility of great enrichment (300 million dollars, for example). And surely this is also faith. Atheism is a belief that there is no god. It turns out that faith is inherent in everyone, they want to believe or do not want, they believe in something or do not believe. Some believe in one thing, the other in another. Something is the same, something is different. Will those who believe that they receive them receive $ 300 million? Or will he receive someone who does not believe? Or no one will receive? Or will someone get it, but it does not depend on faith? Let us judge the history. For example, I believe that I will receive these 300 million. And time will put an end to this dispute. Although who argues with me? Only I myself…

The essence of the question is as follows: Is it possible to make a material (300 million dollars) from the non-material (faith)? (Is there a border between material and non-material?). I approve, that it is possible. In 1 book I gave a similar example — in the game with a computer in the card game “worms.” Of course, maybe this is not the scale. And not enough for 300 million just faith? Increase the faith — the result will increase. Or is it not so simple? Questions, questions, some questions… Is it possible to train the faith as a muscle, increasing it and achieving more and more tangible result? And if it is possible, then how? Perhaps, by reading the memoirs of successful people, for example, mine? Where the miracle happens right before our eyes. But is it a miracle?..


So, the best way to earn money is to teach others how to earn this money. So, what is next? I absolutely do not know what to write next. But I know that the post will turn out. So it was and always will be. The confirmation of this is below.

The next book, the book “How to learn to write poetry,” I’ll write a book “How to make a lot of money in a short time. Allowance”. If the plan for the first book is already ready for me, then what to write in the second, I have no idea. I’ll try to start this book in this (this) post. So, what amazes me most in earning? This is the principle of doubling funds. What, it would seem, is complicated in the scheme, where it is necessary to double a small amount in a short time? And if it’s big? Remember how in one eastern tale doubled the wheat grains on the chessboard. 1 grain was put on the first cage. On the second — twice the number, 2. on the third is 2 times more — 4. And so on. On the last, 64 cells, the wheat grains turned out to be so much (it should have turned out), how many crops are not given in the year all the fields of the world. Is it impressive? Yes. But how to practically double something, for example, money? To lend, engage in usury? Troublesome, expensive, dangerous and illegal (probably). And, most importantly, how to do it practically? Or can buy and sell (invest in) securities and currency? Too difficult…

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