Will I stop drinking

Russian test

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ISBN 978-5-4485-4315-9

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Answer honestly the questions put in the test and get honest answers. The answers are not only about your current place in this big world, but also about how to specifically «improve» your position in the area that interests you. Books of tests are well read at leisure, in company, on the road. They are a great gift.

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Alexander Nevzorov

«What a person is capable of and whether there are limits to his achievements» — these questions have always interested me. It’s time to write a book about this. Alexander Nevzorov.

Александр Невзоров


Answer the Test questions and you will find out whether you can stop drinking. And how easy it will be (or hard) to do. Even if you drink occasionally ("on holidays"), you do not need to find out how much you are already involved in this "adventure". Accepting alcohol (poison) is a dependency. Those who are "delayed" only on Saturdays, it seems that they can control the consumption of alcohol. In fact, this, of course, is not so and alcohol itself controls its own consumption by man. Many will disagree with this. Naive ... So, the questions of Test.

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