Mean equality

Mean equality

Collection of poems

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The collection is called «Dirty equality» after the name of the first poem. And indeed, the Constitution provides equal rights for all citizens, but not everyone can realize them. Article of the Constitution No. 40 guarantees the right of citizens to housing. And where is it, is this right? The city line in St. Petersburg has been standing for 37 years, today give (if given, of course) housing for those who stood in line until 1980.


Александр Невзоров

I went to the store yesterday The Constitution Before the fortieth article Very quickly, I reached Here about the right to housing About me, eh-my Homeless — for life I carry Proudly your title There is no roof or corner The share of the bomb is hard Without a propiska you’re a friend Worse than any goat

30 марта 2017 г., в 10:57


Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov
And the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin received an apartment immediately after the entry (and maybe even before) in office. And Depardieu got an apartment in Saransk, where he is unlikely to live. So they, Sobyanin and Depardieu — are the most equal? It turns out that way. And if you look at who gets a free apartment in St. Petersburg, the results will probably be interesting. Only who will give it a look?