Missing mistress

Бесплатный фрагмент - Missing mistress

Agency Amur

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Once a man came to our Agency (Agency Amur, affairs related to love relations). «I lost my mistress,» he said and told the following story. Sergey got acquainted with Irina (that’s the name of his «lady of the heart») in the seaside resort, in Sochi. The novel flared with extraordinary strength. Mad hot nights, all-consuming passion. The time of rest flew instantly, but (fortunately or unfortunately) the lovers turned out to be from the same city, from St. Petersburg. They transferred their novel to their hometown, but here there were difficulties, Irina was married. Her husband (with her words) was very jealous, so they could not meet freely, like at sea, they could not. And the meetings became less and less frequent. And then Ira suddenly disappeared. The phone did not answer, it did not appear on social networks, our «Romeo» could not go to her home.

«It’s a trivial story,» I thought. — The lover was tired of a beautiful woman and she left him.

But Irina did not appear at work, Sergei watched for several days at her office. Maybe she was sick? No, she would have called. Maybe the phone number was lost? No, they corresponded and in contact, and the address of Sergei Irina knew. In my opinion, the story was very ordinary, but the Customer offered us good commissions and I agreed to work on this case.

The next day I called Irina on the mobile. The phone did not answer. I found the phone of her work and called there.

«You know, Irina is not there,» a pleasant female voice answered.

«And when will it be?»

— And you, excuse me, on what issue?

— On personal. You see, she left me her phone number, but she does not answer. And I really need to see her urgently.

«I’m sorry, but I can not help you.» Ira does not have a job at work, and when she does, I do not know, the subscriber has disconnected.

It was necessary to establish surveillance of the house of Irina and her office. I went to the house myself, and I sent Victoria to work for Ira, my assistant. A few days of observation gave nothing. Irina did not go into the house and did not go out. From the entrance from time to time (usually in the morning) her husband appeared, got into the car and drove off, returning in the evening. On the third day of observation, after my husband’s departure, I entered the entrance and went up to the right floor. I called the apartment door, no one answered. Means, Irina was neither at home nor at work. And where was she then? Maybe a crime has been committed? And then should he turn to the police? But he will not accept the application, because he is virtually nobody to Irina.

Victoria and I were sitting in the office and wondering how else (on which side) to approach the task of finding someone else’s mistress. Vika was sitting at her computer, I’m at my own. She threw her leg behind her leg and I involuntarily threw glances at her naked legs, much higher than the knees… We looked at Irina’s activities in social networks. We found several of its pages and tried to find out that it is possible to squeeze out of them. Irina did not answer any direct requests in the networks. Her friends? But we did not know which of them was closer to the wanted one, and who was next. To ask at random about Irina was meaningless. So far we knew only one person close to her, her husband. It was necessary to get to know him better. But from which edge do we approach? After reflection, I decided to act out of the blue. Through a computer (under a special program), I, wearing headphones, called Irina’s husband.

— Igor Viktorovich? Hello. You are worried about the investigator Mikhailov, the Central Department of Internal Affairs. We are looking for your wife, Irina Andreevna Alferov, who is a witness in the criminal case. How can I see her?

«I do not know where she is.»

«But you are her husband?»

— Yes, we are married, but rather formally. In fact, we do not live together.

— And where it can be found?

— I can not even imagine.

«Who can know where it is?» Girlfriends, relatives…

«I have no contacts.»

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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