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Passions in a Rich Home

Passions in a Rich Home

Agency Amur

12 стр.
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О книге

Another case of specialists in amorous affairs of the Amur Agency. The daughter of a rich housewife fell in love with a gardener. Spetsam is instructed to extinguish the flame of flaming love. The question, it would seem, has been resolved, but… the gardener is poisoned. In the investigation of this crime, Oleg and Vika will also show themselves only on the best side. As in all the love episodes of the book. The contract is being fulfilled, the bank account is growing, the Agency is booming!

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Александр Невзоров

In the morning I pushed the door of my office with the sign "Agency Amur. Affair matters. " My assistant Vika sat at the table and was looking at something on the computer. I hoped she was busy with official affairs. And we already had many cases. Things were going uphill and I was thinking of hiring myself a second assistant. In my dreams, I was already sitting in the office on the phone and giving out only instructions to my zealous employees who, like bloodhounds, scoured the city, bringing the Agency (me) more and more money ... I sat in my chair, opened the laptop and began to view the mail . Vika and I waited for the client, a certain Lilia Vitalievna. "What's the name, Lilia?" I thought. From the corner of my eye I saw that the assistant "grazes" on the dating site. A young, interesting woman, but with the muzhiks she is not lucky (as she herself said to herself). Victoria was really pretty. Thick brown hair, large dark eyes, a good figure, made her very, very attractive. But at work we are "flints", no shashnahs and novels, only if on business need, and it sometimes came out ...

August 21, 2017, в 7:20 AM


Leon Malin
This is the second book about the Amur Agency of the new author, Leon Malin. Readers seem to like his characters and stories. The book is sure to buy out as well as the first. Will the continuation of the series? Of course it will be. After all, today, the services of specialists in love affairs are very much in demand. At least among readers. It is worth recalling to those who did not have time to buy the first book, which is called “Agency Amur. Situations of love”.