Love and Siloviki

Agency Amur

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4490-4756-4

О книге

Oleg and Vika, specialists in amorous affairs of the Amur Agency, receive an order to follow the connections of a certain Eugene. But it turns out that Eugene is not the person for whom he is betraying himself. And people around him are dangerous and powerful. Putting their noses here, the Agency specialists risk not only money, but also their own lives.

Об авторе

Leon Malin

This is another story of Leon Malin about the activities of the Amur Agency, investigating love affairs. This time the story line throws the heroes into the lair of the so-called siloviki. And where the love affair is suspected, everything turns out to be much more serious and terrible. And human life here is a trifle.

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