Love and Siloviki

Бесплатный фрагмент - Love and Siloviki

Agency Amur

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In the morning I opened the door of my office, a tablet on which read: “Agency Amur. Affair affairs”. My assistant Vika already worked. It was me, the boss, who could stay, but she did not. Sits, works, well done. I looked over her shoulder at the monitor. Yes it works?! On the screen ran a tape of criminal news.

“Victoria?” You have nothing to do?

— You also need to know the news. And in general, well-bred people first greet.

— Hi!

— Hi. Look what they write. At us, in Petersburg, armed gangsters have made raider capture of confectionery factory.

— Now there are no bandits. They were all shot and transplanted for a long time.

— And who is this, in your opinion?

— It? Or a security company or security service.

— So why write that bandits?

— The press. They just give a sensation. But in fact there is probably all much more prosaic. There is a court decision, there are people who execute it. Maybe, this is not even a security company, but bailiffs, with riot police.

— So, now there are no bandits at all?

— Bandits? I think no. There are robbers, robbers, but bandits… Bandit is a member of a gang, a member of an organized criminal group. From the economy, from what brings a legal income, the bandits have long been “squeezed out.” The siloviki — the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service — “cover” the business. But you and I went somewhere deep into the jungle. What do we have for today?

— We are waiting for the customer, the new customer.

There was a knock at the door.

A middle-aged woman entered, I invited her to sit down at her desk.


— Yes. Thank you, I will not refuse. My name is Alexandra, Sasha. My business is rather delicate, ticklish. We have been living with her husband for more than 5 years. More precisely, in fact, he is not my husband, we live in a civil marriage.

The woman fell silent. I did not rush her or question her.

“My husband’s name is Eugene.” He works as a programmer. Eugene earns well, many times more than I do. Although I have a salary, I would say above average. The nature of the work of her husband is traveling, a lot of business trips. Sometimes, they pick it up at night and out of bed.

She paused again.

— From the very beginning, we had a trusting relationship with Yevgeny. We agreed that we will not suspect or be jealous of each other. If someone meets another person, loves him, then the partner (I or he) will know about it first. So it was all these years. Zhenya could disappear from the house for three days, five, a week. But I was always sure of it. He came from a business trip, we could not get enough of each other after the separation. I hope you understand me. So it was until recently.

Alexandra took a sip from the cup.

“Take the biscuits, the sweets, and have a drink.”

— Thank you. So, I have a girlfriend who lives on the Vyborg side. One day she said that she saw Evgeny coming out of the front one of the houses nearby. Well, I did not give much importance to this. But after a while this friend again said that she saw Zhenya. And no longer alone, but with a young, beautiful woman. And they went so that it was clear to all around that very close acquaintances were going. He smiled at her and hugged her. I, of course, was upset, but did not give me a look.

She pondered.

— You see, I can not ask my husband directly. This will be tantamount to accusing him. And such a question will interrupt our, our joint life. But on the other hand, I, as a woman, would very much like to know what is going on. And learn about it secretly, secretly. If Zhenya finds out that I’m following him, this will put an end to all our relationships.

Alexandra looked at me. They were full of tears.

“Will you take up this matter?”

“Yes,” I answered after some hesitation.

— Does it bother you?

— Judging by what you said, the affair of your husband on the side, all the same, is unlikely. The fact that he walked down the street with another woman, even her and hugging, can not say anything. In any case, we should not expect a quick result in our investigation. Let’s agree as follows. We undertake to help you, but the term of our work will be limited to some interval of time, for example, 3—4 weeks. Naturally, all the results and the progress of the investigation will be reported to you on a regular basis.

And agreed.

Firstly, it was necessary to establish where and to whom Evgeni walked in that house on the Vyborg side. For this I installed in the entrance of the house several mini-cameras. Secondly, it was necessary to attach a tail to the object. Home, office, all moving around the city. Carefully, imperceptibly and constantly. I had to do this, too.


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