Happy ticket

Russian story

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ISBN 978-5-4485-3707-3

О книге

The plot of the story is simple. A friend gave the protagonist a birthday ticket for a birthday. Immediately it turned out that the ticket won 30 million rubles. Events begin to develop rapidly. But then it turns out that there is no gain, it’s a joke, a rally. The spiral unwinds in the opposite direction. But that’s not all, but the end itself promises to be good. Read the book on Ozone, Amazon, Litres, Bookmate and in mobile applications.

Об авторе

Leon Malin

«Happy Ticket» is the first published story of Leon Malin. Will the novice writer’s debut be successful? It depends on you, dear readers. If you like the story, leave feedback and likes on the pages of the book and on the networks. Let’s meet the new Author worthy!

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