Happy ticket

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Part 1

I love my birthdays. Since the morning you feel a surge of energy, a good mood, in a word, a birthday boy. Today, in spite of various small matters, I feel great. And this feeling can not even spoil my wife Nina. More precisely, she is not my wife, we live together. More precisely, I live on her living space. Apartment at Nina is big, three-roomed. We live together for several years. At present, however, our relations have deteriorated. Whose fault is it, I do not know. Probably common, fed up with each other. Less often, we began to fulfill “conjugal duties”. Sveya, Nina’s sister, is driving her wedge into our relationship, I did not like her from the very beginning. Sophia lived not with us (fortunately), but we met quite often. Yes, and to talk on the phone sisters loved. In addition to Sophia (where without her) today’s party invited a friend of Nina Lena with her husband Roman. The novel with Lena was also not painted and lived in the so-called “civil marriage”. Friends were friends, we were friends, too, by “families”. Lena was an interesting and cheerful woman. She loved to sing and dance. With Lena (and her husband) it was always fun and at ease. Another friend of mine was invited, Vadim, because I had a birthday all the same. Vadim was a gambler, he liked to eat and drink. Especially at someone else’s expense, as Nina said. She also said the first toast today: “Dear Sergey, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you health, prosperity, good mood and happiness! “She kissed me and sat down. A gift from Nina was cooking and table setting, so she believed. Then Sofia congratulated: “Sergei! Congratulate you with Holliday. I wish all the best. I also wish you to pay more attention to the family, to your beautiful wife. Age, Serezha, you are no longer youthful (and older than me by 5 years), it’s time for you to stop working on empty projects, and find a good job and get decent money. It’s for you (she meant me and Nina) from me. “And she gave me an envelope with money. The table was laid well. Different salads, snacks, cold. A hot dish and dessert were expected. Bottles are also for different tastes. Vadim leaned against the white one. He rose up to congratulate me: “Seryozha, congratulations! I wish you all that you wish yourself. Well, of course, money. How much do you need for complete happiness? “I thought:" A couple million would suit me. " — “Total?” — “Yes, two million will suffice me for a few years.” “Well, then, hold on, — and Vadik gave me a lottery ticket, — here, probably, your two lemons.” A lottery ticket, this was his gift. Lena and Roman gave me a set of dishes. Probably, they were asked about it by Nina. The fun was in full swing. Everyone joked, drank, talked and laughed. We remembered our last trip to the country with four people (I, Nina, Lena and Roman). Then, playing in a gazebo in a dominoes, Roman made a “fish”, but the chip from his hand flew into the pond and we then argued for a long time, it is considered a “fish” or not without a domino. “When are you going to the country?” Roman asked me. “Yes, I do not know yet, the car is under repair.” — “Something you often repair it.” “After all, she’s old, she’s already been a year old.” “We have no money for new money,” said Nina, “we have a tight fit with money.” Pause. “Sergei has not brought money to the house for several months.” — “Yes, they should list here, but have not yet listed.” “I’ve heard these conversations for a year already,” said Nina, “some promises. Yes, because it does not do what it takes. It would be like everything to work, although I would bring a penny to the house. “I was silent, all this was to some extent just. My arguments that large amounts of money are about to break out broke about the wall of mistrust. “Yes, some live by promises alone,” — did not miss the opportunity to insert their “hairpin” Sofia. “And in general, Sergei, I want to tell you,” Nina continued, “I’ve already celebrated your birthday today as a milestone. If nothing changes until today, then, I think, we need to part. I do not intend to support you more. I say it here for all. Are you silent? You have nothing to say. “I was silent. Everything was clear without words. We must urgently look for housing: “Well, until the morning, at least I will not be expelled?” Nina turned away, wiping her napkin tear. Vadim’s voice said: “Look, Seryoga, and you won your ticket.”


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