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Choosing a bride

Choosing a bride

Agency Amur

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О книге

The rich client of the Amur Agency has two “brides”. Should he connect his fate with any of them? The agency copes brilliantly with the task, rejecting both candidates and exhibiting a new, more worthy participant. As a result, all (or almost all) characters are satisfied. The action takes place against the background of the unique nature of Finland.

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Александр Невзоров

Once a young man came to the office of our agency (Agency Amur, affairs of love). We with Victoria (my assistant) listened to his story. A man (his name is Gleb) wants to marry. It just feels like it's time. He wants to have a family, children, a big and well-groomed house. He has no shortage of brides, because Gleb is rich. He has a business that he created himself and that brings good money. This circumstance prevents him from choosing a partner for marriage. It seems to him that girls are hung around his neck (in a figurative sense) because of money. He himself has not yet met the one that he would have fallen in love with without reckoning. But he does not want to wait anymore, he wants marriage now. To date, there are two girls that he likes. Both (they said) are in love with him. Is there any option for us (the agency) to check these girls, do they really love Gleb or pretend? Of course, this option (options) is, then we are professionals. I promised the client to think and send my thoughts tomorrow.

August 21, 2017, в 8:43 AM


Leon Malin
The story «Choosing a bride» is the fifth in the series from the Amur Agency series by author Leon Malina. It, as well as other stories of this series, you can download and buy in all the largest online stores. Ridero, Amazon, Litres, Ozon and others.