Extrasensory sex

Agency Amur

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ISBN 978-5-4490-5875-1

О книге

Four witches arrange a coven at full moon and send the soul of Oleg, an employee of the Amur Agency, to the Moon. And the body is used for criminal purposes. If it were not for the wit of the «love detective», the case could end very sadly. After going through the sexually-lunar ceremony, Oleg managed to keep his apartment, work and life. And most importantly — to fulfill the client’s task.

Об авторе

Leon Malin

Where only there were employees of Agency Amur. Now one of them visited the Moon. Out of all the troubles and troubles, the Agency’s specialists are winners. If you are concerned about love affairs, feel free to contact them. This is the ninth story of Leon Malin from the series «Agency Amur.» And, of course, not the last one. On the way new works of the author.

Александр Невзоров

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