Sex Gadgets

Sex Gadgets

Agency Amur

14 стр.
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О книге

Head of the Agency Amur Oleg downloads two mobile applications (gadget) on the Internet. One of them allows you to see a man without clothes, naked. And the second shows the magnitude of sexual arousal. Oleg directs the smartphone to his assistant, pretty Vika. And it turns out that she is not very sexually located. And what if the situation is corrected? Sexual gadgets allow Oleg and Vika to also brighten up the «hardships» of the trip, and at the same time get to know more about the «objects».



Leon Malin
Leon Malin continues the cycle of stories about the everyday life of the Amur agency, which investigates the affairs of love. In this book, the husband suspects his wife of treason. She, they say, travels too often from Petersburg to Moscow. At night the trip there, next night — back. Specialists of the Agency find out that the meeting of lovers takes place on the train. And they do not just find out, but even almost do not participate in their sexual games.