Sex Gadgets

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Agency Amur

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I saw an interesting offer on the Internet. Some firm represents the latest developments in the field of mobile offerings, gadgets. Some of them would be useful to me (us) and in professional work. I liked two gadgets, a sexual, I would say, direction. The first allowed through the smartphone screen to see a man without clothes, naked. As women, and men, all. The second suggested determining the amount of sexual attraction (for women and men separately) for the pheromones they allocated. The scale of the testimony of “sexual predilections” consisted, like a rainbow, of seven colors. From purple to red. Violet color — the minimum allocation of sexual pheromones, red — the maximum. It was only necessary to remember the alternation of the colors of the rainbow. But for this I had a phrase memorized from childhood. In Russian it sounds like this: Everyone (red color) hunter (orange) wishes (yellow) to know (green) where (blue) sits (blue) pheasant (purple). I signed for a small fee for both services. And downloaded gadgets (mobile applications) to your phone (smartphone).

I decided not to invest in the corporate acquisitions so that I could test them on it. I clicked on the first application “naked man” and sent a smartphone to Victoria. She was sitting at her computer, working. On the screen of the phone appeared her bare silhouette, covered with transparent clothes. But the intimate place covered the table. She looked at me from the computer screen.

— Are you taking pictures of me?

— No, I’m checking the application.

— Which app?

— I’ll tell you later. And walk around.

Vika got up and walked around the room. Ltd! Sexy! And what erotic linen on it, these panties with a string instead of cloth on the priest. So, okay, let’s check the second application. I turned on the gadget “sexual desire” (for women) and put the phone on the table. The background of the screen was purple.

“Vika, do you like me?”

“As a man or as a boss?”

— Like a man.

— Well yes.

“What” yes”?

— You like it.

The background remained purple.

— And how much do you like me?

The assistant looked at me attentively.

“Listen, Oleg, you’re beating me with your stupid questions.”

— Why are they stupid?

It was necessary to think of something to make Victoria allocate pheromones.

“Vika, do you remember how you and I used to travel by train?”

“In the coupe?”

— Yes.

— I remember, why do you need this?

— I thought, we have not gone anywhere with you for a long time. Now we should go somewhere again. Together. Lie on a shelf, solve crosswords, drink tea. I remember how beautiful your underwear was then. Panties and bra blue color, set. And today on you that is dressed?

The screen of the smartphone with the purple color turned to blue.

Vika looked at me puzzled.

— On me and now sexy lingerie.

I wanted to say that I know, but I caught myself in time.

— And show.

“Oleg, it’s still morning, we’re sober.” Why did you start this conversation?

“Why is it necessary to do something?” I just remembered that night on the train. The lights of the stations are flying past the window, the wheels are beating, and you will ride me like a horse rider.

I’m looking at the phone. The color of the screen is already blue.

“Do you want me to guess the color of your panties?”

— Well?

— Red.

“It’s not red, it’s pink.”

— Show me.

I took the phone and went with him to Vicki’s desk.

— Are you serious?

“Show me the edge.”

Victoria got up from her chair, unbuttoned the button on her skirt, and almost lowered it. Yes, the panties were pink. And the smartphone is already green.

— Would you like to?

I moved close to her and touched an open stripe of skin on my hip. Victoria did not say anything. I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on the skirt and helped her (the skirt) to go down. The phone turned yellow. I took the string of panties and dropped them too. It remains to put the lady on the table and unbutton her pants. But at that moment there was a knock at the door. The screen of my phone on the desk was orange.

I closed myself to Victoria, who was pulling up panties and a skirt.

“Will not I get in the way?”

A middle-aged man entered the room.

“Come in, please.” I invited the visitor to sit down. — Vika, please make coffee.

The embarrassed and flushed assistant slipped out of the room.

— I see that you have a friendly team here. But it does not concern me. I to you on such a question. My name is Stanislav Valeryevich.

— Oleg.

The man nodded and continued on.


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