Classics fantasy – 12

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AIR SHIP Little naive, in the spirit of the times, narration. The novel genre can be defined more likely how “the scientific imagination”. Though in the years of writing of the novel of the idea about use of aircraft were already easier than air a little outdated, the quite good attempt of the description of possible long flight was made. Everything turned out childishly and lovely.
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UNDERWATER FARMERS Perhaps, one of most “terrestrial”, despite the scene of action, works of the author. There are no attempts to conquer the world or space, to create the improved person or to feed all Earth. There is only a hard and routine work, but where! In 1930 the author, very plausibly, considers the possibility of life and work of the person at the autonomous underwater station.

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Объем: 257 стр.

Дата выпуска: 15 июля 2019 г.

Возрастное ограничение: 12+

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Формат: epub, fb2, pdfRead, mobi

ISBN: 978-5-0050-1163-3



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