печатная A5
Classics fantasy – 11

Classics fantasy – 11

371 стр.
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печатная A5
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О книге

THE PERSON WHO FOUND THE PERSON Second, later version of the novel “The Person Who Lost the Face”. Here at all there is no fantasy. It is search history Presto of the real moral, public person. The novel how the person in fight fulfills a dream of the life…

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Сергей Стреляев

It was pleasant, however as well as all works of this author. The person who lost the face" is especially interesting "-at all not a fantasy that it is not inherent in Belyaev, it is just interesting story of search by the person of the moral person. The dream fulfilled through fight …

July 18, 2019, в 11:31 AM


A. Belyaev
UNDER THE SKY OF THE ARCTIC In this novel the ideas of heating of the Arctic and Antarctica, destruction of permafrost are considered. It is a story about a travel of the American worker accompanied by the Soviet engineer on the North mastered and transformed by people. WITCH’S CASTLE There is World War II. In the deserted castle of the Czech Republic the German scientist works, trying to create fireballs and to operate them. Its developments are supposed to be used in war on the party of fascists.
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