печатная A5
Classics fantasy — 14

Classics fantasy — 14

285 стр.
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печатная A5
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О книге

The novel «Amphibian Person» which formed a basis for the cult movie of the same name is perfectly known by many generations of readers and the audience.

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Сергей Стреляев

THE LAST PERSON FROM ATLANTIS One more original vision about the disappeared, mysterious civilization of Atlases. It is possible to tell the primary source of art thoughts of the lost continent. Later, numerous versions practically no what is added, and only impoverish the thought expressed in this novel and the idea. AMPHIBIAN MAN Here and there is nothing to tell - all the known classics of a genre about the sea inhabitant. The movie is very close to the novel, but it is more interesting to read - here in more detail and it is saturated told about human life created in a lobolotoriya for life under water. To Poe-modern measures it is a little old-fashioned, but it is all the same interesting.

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A. Belyaev
In 10 years prior to Conan Cimmerian adventures, for half a century to «Tais Afinskoy» Belyaev recovered a legend, having shown to the reader the world at the beginning of history eyes of the person from Atlantis.
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