Julia, my love, where are you?

Agency Amur

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ISBN 978-5-4490-6513-1

О книге

The story of Leon Malina “Julia, my love, where are you?” Is an actual continuation of the story by Vitaly Mushkin “Digitized sex. The designer of mistresses. “There the main character, Alex, the programmer, gets into the computer game created by him. To help Alex out, his girlfriend turns to the Amur Agency for help. The best and only of his employees — Oleg and Vika — are taken for the job.

Об авторе

Leon Malin

This is the tenth story of Leon Malin from the series “Agency Amur. Affair affairs”. This time, the main character, Oleg, will not only completely plunge into the world of computer games, but also fall in love with her character. And, mutually. For great love in the game all conditions are created. Lovely women, chic homes and cars. Love and enjoy the “life”. And the more difficult it is to return from there to reality.

Александр Невзоров

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