Choosing a bride

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Once a young man came to the office of our agency (Agency Amur, affairs of love). We with Victoria (my assistant) listened to his story. A man (his name is Gleb) wants to marry. It just feels like it’s time. He wants to have a family, children, a big and well-groomed house. He has no shortage of brides, because Gleb is rich. He has a business that he created himself and that brings good money. This circumstance prevents him from choosing a partner for marriage. It seems to him that girls are hung around his neck (in a figurative sense) because of money. He himself has not yet met the one that he would have fallen in love with without reckoning. But he does not want to wait anymore, he wants marriage now. To date, there are two girls that he likes. Both (they said) are in love with him. Is there any option for us (the agency) to check these girls, do they really love Gleb or pretend? Of course, this option (options) is, then we are professionals. I promised the client to think and send my thoughts tomorrow.

The next day, in an e-mail, I offered Gleb the following. We (more precisely, he) rent a cottage, for example, in the neighboring hospitable Finland. We rent a cottage for six people. This is Gleb, his two “brides”, we are with Vika and let him invite someone else from the men for “balance.” August was in the yard. A wonderful time for picking mushrooms and fishing. And where to do it best? Everyone will say in Finland. Gleb agreed with my proposals.

A few days later, I went with Vikusa on my jeep to neighboring Suomi. We had with her two days to prepare the cottage for the meeting of the main delegation. We chose a beautiful wooden house on the shore of the lake. The house was two-story. On the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a sauna. On the second six small bedrooms, by the number of guests invited. In each bedroom there was a computer, which we combined into a network. In the rooms we put hidden cameras and voice recorders. The management of unofficial electronic control was displayed on a computer in my room. I was ready to watch and even conduct our reality show.

Participants of the show drove up on two large black cars. Gleb introduced the guests. With him came his business partner Ivan and two girls, Yana and Ksenia. We named Vika Gleb as friends. Machines were packed with different kinds of food. On the rights of the previously arrived I showed the guests the house and their bedrooms. Then the girls began to serve the table, Ivan went into kebabs, and Gleb and I went for a walk in the woods. The day was already declining towards evening. It was quiet (this is not a city for you). We walked along the path, inhaling the clean forest air. I reported to the customer about the work done and general plans for the coming days.

— Gleb, do girls know about the presence of “competitors” and the upcoming “competition”?

— No, nobody knows about the purpose of our trip, not even Ivan. As for the competition… I think they know about it. Although the girls are little acquainted with each other.

— Describe them in more detail.

— Oleg, come on you, because according to legend, we are friends. Good? I met Yana before. She is from our “party”, where I rotate, rest. Yana is a beautiful girl, she knows herself the price. She is not ashamed to show herself before people. But there is something in her that makes me doubt the sincerity of her feelings. I do not know, maybe marriage with her would be happy. Xenia is likewise cute in her own way. But she is somewhat more provincial, or something. She is not as active and talkative as Yana, but sometimes it is more pleasant for me to be in her company. Ivan, this is my business companion. Junior partner. There are projects where we together with him act as investors. A young, promising, energetic guy, from him I’m of great benefit.

“Glade” was covered in a gazebo. From here an amazing view of the lake. The water was literally a few meters away. The first toast was made by Gleb.

— For nature, for rest, for friends!

This is the official part of the evening and ended. We sat, ate, joked. Nature, the smell of the fire acted intoxicating. Someone offered to swim. Gleb and Ivan threw off their shirts and jeans, I also decided to keep up. From the girls we were supported by Ksenia. The water was pleasantly refreshing. I sailed offshore for some distance. Ivan kept close, Gleb and Ksyusha fell behind, it seems that they were sorting something out. Vika and Yana were talking on the beach. Sailing back past Gleb and Ksyusha, I heard their conversation:

“So why did you invite me here?”

— Rest, have fun.

“Why did you invite this one?”

— Well, for the company. Three guys, three girls.

“Did you sleep with her?”

“Listen, Ksusha, let’s not get out here. Tomorrow, on a fresh head, we’ll talk.

“So you’re saying I’m drunk?”

Yes, I also thought that Ksyusha had a drink with alcohol. Whether from excitement, or simply does not know how to control yourself sometimes.

In the morning the agenda for the mushrooms was listed. I have already examined the forest here in advance. And at breakfast he announced our disposition.

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