“Ponderolet” — the spacecraft of the Krasnoyarsk scientist Gennady Ignatyev

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ISBN 978-5-4474-7101-9

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Ponderolet is a spacecraft which will be able to gather the speeds exceeding light velocity. His inventor Gennady Ignatyev the winner of the State and Lenin awards — isn’t deservedly forgotten.

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Victor Gryaznov

Reporter, journalist, writer, poet, screenwriter, producer, director, artist-ceramist

Olga Smitt

If Gennady Ignatyev is really talented as the author writes, then he will be recalled still by descendants…

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I encountered the movie «Ponderolet» absolutely accidental. It woke in me children’s memories. In that pore we lived in Krasnoyarsk in the neighbourhood with Ignatyev’ family. They had many children. In my opinion eight. They occupied two apartments connected among themselves. From the apartment music of the Head of family never permanently reached was at home. Told that he is some chief and it is constant in business trips. Already much later one schoolmate the Krasnoyarsk citizen told about sad destiny of this family. Misfortunes poured on them, in abundance. Gennady Ignatyev was subjected by obstructions and discharged from office. They say that competitors could reach it only when the Soviet Union collapsed. High patrons who knew it as the unique scientist and who advanced it and supported were sent to pension And having appeared without support with top it couldn’t resist to an impact of spitpoisons. A half of children perished. He made many discoveries, but in the evening of life opened Pandora’s box.

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автор книги
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You watch the movie on the address: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3w6rbh_ponderolet_shortfilms

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