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There will be Russia — there will be also we…

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ISBN 978-5-4474-7161-3

О книге

The book about the Russian family which was engaged in commerce in 1995. Owing to the fact that the AI many plants of factory were closed — they became direct-sales representatives and succeeded in the business.

Об авторе

Victor Gryaznov

Reporter, journalist, writer, poet, screenwriter, the producer, director, artist-ceramist.

Olga Smitt

The author of the book writes laconically and dynamically. Sometimes with sarcasm, sometimes touches deep strings of soul. Generally, reading the book, there is a wish to laugh, to cry.

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With pleasure I read the book.

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автор книги
Виктор Грязнов ответил(а) на отзыв
Thank you very much!
Светлана Таскаева ответил(а) на комментарий Виктор Грязнов
Are you sure you write in English?!
автор книги
Виктор Грязнов ответил(а) на комментарий Светлана Таскаева
No. I write in Russian - then the translation...

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