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Agency Amur

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In the morning I pushed the door of my office with the sign “Agency Amur. Affair matters. “My assistant Vika sat at the table and was looking at something on the computer. I hoped she was busy with official affairs. And we already had many cases. Things were going uphill and I was thinking of hiring myself a second assistant. In my dreams, I was already sitting in the office on the phone and giving out only instructions to my zealous employees who, like bloodhounds, scoured the city, bringing the Agency (me) more and more money… I sat in my chair, opened the laptop and began to view the mail. Vika and I waited for the client, a certain Lilia Vitalievna. “What’s the name, Lilia?” I thought. From the corner of my eye I saw that the assistant “grazes” on the dating site. A young, interesting woman, but with the muzhiks she is not lucky (as she herself said to herself). Victoria was really pretty. Thick brown hair, large dark eyes, a good figure, made her very, very attractive. But at work we are “flints”, no shashnahs and novels, only if on business need, and it sometimes came out…

Lilia Vitalyevna also came. Victoria made us all coffee and we prepared to listen carefully. That’s what she told us. She lives with her husband and daughter in a big country house. Jan’s daughter, a student, and her husband, Anton (Anton Sergeevich), a real estate specialist. Lilia herself is engaged in business and, frankly, contains the whole family. She also has business connected with real estate, but unlike her husband, this is a “serious business”. “Just like ours, our business is also growing,” I thought. Lily is concerned about the fate of her daughter. She’s already a bride for marriage. There are good variants of marriage, it is possible to become related with decent and well-off families, but Yana does not want. Waiting for his “prince”. And then she waited. Lilia Vitalievna took a breather. She held confidently, looked well and was dressed very “decently”. In a word, it seemed like a completely successful person (woman). And well-groomed. So, she hired a worker, take care of the garden, clean the pool and so on. And it turned out to be a young handsome guy. His name is Stepan, he is a visitor, from somewhere in Ukraine or Moldova. And the daughter fell in love with him. And the one, as specially, teases her. He walks through the garden with his naked torso, smiling condescendingly. And why should he not smile, the girls fall in love with these to the ears. And for Yana, after all, a fortune. Do you understand? “That is, you want us to separate them,” dissolved”? I asked. — “Well yes”. “Why do not you just fire him?” “Well, first of all, he’s a good worker. And secondly, the fact that I’m firing it will not do anything. If they want, they can meet anywhere, not necessarily at home. “There it was necessary to think everything over. And I made my “proprietary” move. I told Lilia Vitalievna that we will all “grind” and I will send her my thoughts tomorrow.

The next day I made a preliminary calculation of our future expenses and sent it to the customer. In addition, I suggested to Lilia Vitalievna that Vika and I stayed at her house for a couple of days in the guise of some relatives or colleagues. Lily agreed. That evening Vika and I moved to her. The house was large and well maintained. We were allocated two guest rooms on the second floor, with one (between them) a bathroom. “It’s easy to use the bathroom,” Lilia Vitalievna told us. — When one of you is in the bathroom, he closes the bolt in the neighbor’s room. And popolzovavshis, leaving, opens the bolt. “In the evening we had dinner together all together. Served us at the table a cook (or cook) at an age. Everything was delicious. We were treated to quail in a wine sauce with boiled vegetables and tea with sweets. At the table, no one spoke much. Lilia Vitalievna introduced us as business partners from another city. She said that we will stay with them for a few days. Anton Sergeyevich ate in silence. It seemed to me that he was attentively attending to my assistant. Yana was also silent. It looks like she was out of sorts. Jan was not a beauty, she could not have called her tongue a bad name. The apartment owners were like us, on the second floor. The servants, the cook, Stepan and others (if they were) lived on the first floor, they had their own separate, “black” entrance. Now there was no reason to go there and we got to know Stepan about it in the morning.

After a good dinner I fell asleep well. A knock on my door woke me. What? Where? Who is it? I opened the door, behind her stood in the dressing gown… Vika. “Vika, are you? What do you want? Or you … "- I did not finish, I thought that she came to me to have sex. While I was puzzling in the stupor, Vika loudly and distinctly said: “Idiot, you did not open the latch from the bathroom to my room and now I do not get to the toilet.” Then I could not sleep for a long time. I heard all the steps in the corridor and knocking. Then I dreamed a nude Victoria in the bathroom, she called me to her…


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