Horoscope for Gemini 2018

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Horoscopes for each Zodiac sign separately for 2018. Submitted by 7 topics: Luck, Career, Vacation, Health, Sex, Love and Money. The stars predict that they expect signs in these areas and give advice. Sometimes paradoxical, but always correct based on the real situation. Horoscopes in verse for all signs of the zodiac are published by Alexander Nevzorov annually. Their readership is constantly expanding. Verses of horoscopes of excellent quality and like all.

Об авторе

Alexander Nevzorov

I’m writing horoscopes for a long time. Among my acquaintances they enjoy great success. Of course, this is more of a joke than a serious astrological study. But no one has complained that my horoscopes do not come true. Maybe because there is a continuous positive… Alexander Nevzorov.

Александр Невзоров


Gemini is a favorite sign Horoscope, this is so All the luck on the plate (For myself, I’m not the enemy) If you want money, get He was sick soon And luck and career — Even with the joy of shouting Sex and holiday and love Clear look, burning blood Only the best in the world Gemini again and again…

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