Horoscope for Wealth 2017

Russian horoscope

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ISBN 978-5-4483-9711-0

О книге

The horoscope for wealth for all signs of the zodiac will be fulfilled in 2017 with 100% accuracy. Do not be confused by his poetic form and some frivolity. Will you be rich in this amazing year? Try Fortune.

Об авторе

Alexander Nevzorov

Alexander Nevzorov lives in St. Petersburg. He writes books, poems, likes to compose horoscopes. All his horoscopes come true. You should also like it. Horoscopes for 2018 will soon be available in English. Meet!

Александр Невзоров


Everyone wants to be rich Liberal and retrograde Schoolboy, boss, housewife And the last renegade Every kind of wealth from the sky awaits How will it all happen? Can gold, money Rain will ever pass… Whether you are from the stock exchange clever Or the naked Papuan Year two thousand and seventeen All gifts are available

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