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How to play? The company is going, everyone draws on the map and read aloud what awaits them. Everyone laughs. You can play alone. In the morning, you pull out a map and read what you will get today. This type of playful horoscope in verse. No relation to horoscopes in the usual sense, the game, of course, does not. There is nothing like this in the world. At least, I have not met. The name of the game «Predskazayka» also came up by himself. What will happen to you today, today?

Об авторе

Alexander Nevzorov

The author of the game is Nevzorov Alexander, it’s me. The meaning of the game is the following — only 32 cards. The rules are very simple, more precisely, they simply do not. A card is pulled out — «that to you falls out». On the map is a drawing (object) and 3 quatrains. In them all the salt. In verses, a description of the dropped object is given and how this is related to the future fate of the participant who pulled the map. Good poems, with humor, are suitable for children and adults.

Александр Невзоров

The game

The game “PREDSKAZAYKA” and its name are invented by me. The rules of the game are very simple, more precisely, they simply do not. You make a wish, open a book and read what you will fall out. For example, “what awaits me today” or “will I pass the exam”. “Play” in the PREDSKAZAYKA can be one, and it is possible and the company. For example, at a festive table. Everyone opens a book on his page and reads aloud a prediction. Everyone laughs, because it really is a “game” with humor. Especially popular is the PREDSKAZAYKA uses the New Year, because it can also be used as a horoscope. The book describes 34 items, it’s like cards in a deck, including a “joker”. Are the predictions of the PREDSKAZAYKA come true? Of course, everything depends on faith…

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