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$ 300 Million

$ 300 Million

Part 2. Happiness

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Once, having set myself the goal of seizing 300 million dollars in three months, I wrote a book with the same name. But now the time allotted for this is over, the book is written, the results are summed up… What else? But life has not stopped, a person can not live without goals, without new goals. And I set myself for her — to achieve Happiness. And in the same way for 3 months. Read what happened…

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Александр Невзоров

January 1, 2011 Finished entries 1 book called "300000000 $". They tell how I set myself the goal of getting 300 million dollars for three months. How I went to this goal. What has been achieved. And actually I have reached more than $ 3000000000. I begin writing the second book. Now I want to find out the question with happiness. Is it there. What people lack for happiness. And how can it be achieved? We must start, probably with a survey. What is missing for me (and other people) for complete happiness? Create a poll. We'll save the data. Let us analyze them. Let's draw conclusions. At the end of the book. So, the poll. You can vote in the community My World, in my blog. What do I lack for complete happiness? Answers: - I have everything - Money - Health - Youth - Good luck - Personal qualities - Love - Faith - Freedom - Another answer

September 10, 2017, в 8:51 AM


Alexander Nevzorov
Can a man, by his will alone (by the power of the mind, the power of desire), master a large sum of money. Is it enough for 3 months or not enough and a lifetime. The fact is that man’s thirst to live is rich, dignified, accompanies him constantly. And it can not be limited to only three months, as described in 1 book. What do I want to tell the readers of the page? Everything is in our hands, ladies and gentlemen. All our desires are fulfilled even during life. Evidence of this — my works.
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