Catch the naked girl

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ISBN 978-5-4490-1632-4

О книге

The main character comes to a wild island with the Pacific Ocean to hunt local beauties. But to catch a naked native is not so easy. They all run well and swim. In addition, do not snooze competitors, hunters. They are ready for anything to own the prey. And when the hero nevertheless catches a naked girl, then he has something more to her than a sensual attraction.

Об авторе

Vitaly Mushkin

This is the eleventh erotic story of the author. Perhaps, for the first time in the main theme, the theme of sex and eroticism, weave a thread of real adventures. And what kind of adventures can happen if a hunter is looking for a naked woman in the rainforest at night? Yes, the most diverse. Sometimes, even life-threatening. But everything conquers attraction, the desire to love and love itself.

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