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Sexual slavery club

Sexual slavery club

All wishes are fulfilled

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О книге

The protagonist gets acquainted with a young woman on the Internet. In an intimate meeting, she invites him to the hotel. In the hotel room the hero unexpectedly meets not only his sympathy, but also her husband with some woman. And the hotel is not just a hotel, but a mysterious closed club where sexual slavery reigns. The main character of the story is offered to become a slave…

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Александр Невзоров

I met Irina on the Internet, on a dating site. An interesting woman, short, not full, but nice rounded forms. Black short hair, lively dark eyes. All this attracted my attention. She was the first one to write a comment on my photo (flattering) and we began to correspond. After a while we agreed to meet at a cafe, over a cup of coffee. I always preferred to get acquainted on the first date in the cafe. Democratically, inexpensively, you can always disperse quickly. She came without delay. In full size, Irina turned out to be even very much nothing. She was quick and moving, her eyes were burning. Such a friend, I, uvolnyu, probably needed. We chatted about this and that. Will there be a second date? I invited her in. There was some kind of disreputable film, but we with interest sat through the whole session holding hands. Next - the bed. To you, to me? But Ira said: "Vitalik, we are adults with you. I approach health issues very seriously. Let's go through the medical examination together. " I marveled at the unusual proposal of a future partner for sex, but agreed. In a private clinic on the "tie" of Irina, we passed (for free !?) a medical examination and on the output received certificates that are healthy. On the porch of the clinic Irina said: "Come on Saturday at 7 o'clock in the evening." And she called the address. I asked: "What is this?". She answered: "Hotel." - "Have you already booked a room there?" - "Yes, do not worry, everything is paid, it's at the company's expense." "What firm?" "Then I'll tell you."

August 21, 2017, в 6:31 AM


Vitaly Mushkin