Prison "Crosses"

April 24, 1999 — April 6, 2000

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4490-0730-8

О книге

In St. Petersburg there is the famous prison Kresty. The main character spends almost exactly a year there. How to get to the Crosses, how they live, what they feed, where they sleep, how they wash themselves, this book tells. In the end, the author gives advice on how to behave in Prison. How to stay alive. How to maximize your health. How to bring freedom closer.

Об авторе

Leon Malin

Leon Malin wrote this book in the first person. It seems that he was There. Otherwise, how does he know all this? And you believe the author. You believe that you can remain a man in prison. That you can fight for your rights and protect yourself even behind bars. In addition, the story is simply instructive. From it you can learn something interesting.

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