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Introduction (rules of the game)

The game “PREDSKAZAYKA” and its name are invented by me. The rules of the game are very simple, more precisely, they simply do not. You make a wish, open a book and read what you will fall out. For example, “what awaits me today” or “will I pass the exam”. “Play” in the PREDSKAZAYKA can be one, and it is possible and the company. For example, at a festive table. Everyone opens a book on his page and reads aloud a prediction. Everyone laughs, because it really is a “game” with humor. Especially popular is the PREDSKAZAYKA uses the New Year, because it can also be used as a horoscope. The book describes 34 items, it’s like cards in a deck, including a “joker”. Are the predictions of the PREDSKAZAYKA come true? Of course, everything depends on faith…


Here is an important Goose —

I’m not afraid of anyone.

He is confident in his forces

And, buddy, do not be afraid.

On such a brave man

The young man and the daredevil

To look, and that is pleasant

Lamza-dritsa, op-tsa!

Well, my friend, do not be shy

For all hardships, hammer

Goose today will turn

In your trump card ace


Here is a beautiful light House

He lives well in it

Many adults and kids

Here they only dream about —

What was always cosiness

At you and there and here

And in the apartment and at the cottage

Let the flowers always grow

House gives you comfort

Trouble let it go away

Everything will be as you want

Peace, tranquility will come


Map — colorful flower

Give love a big sprout

New feelings and sensations

New blood will give an influx

Life blossoms beautifully

Happiness will come

As in Turgenev’s novel

Everything will go and go

Without love, we, brother, do not

If you are not your enemy

Look at the ray of the heart

Light is important to us, not darkness


The king of the bestial formidable Leo

Muscle luxurious bas-relief

If you say — eat someone

It’s true, not bluffing

Do you want to be like the Lion?

So you will be a formidable identity

And in any classrooms

Without a bell and a knock,

There where it is necessary

Where it is not necessary, keep silent

And on a silver platter you will receive

All possible keys


Map — Stone Emerald

Extracted from the Urals ores

And find it — good luck

Plus heavy long work

This stone is only yours

Not a trail of a curve

He is now delivered to you

And the expensive pillar

With this stone you are rich

Sails inflating frigate

Torturing in the money sea

The sweetest of regattas


Card dropped out — Cinema

This means only one thing

Rest at your leisure

Have fun in full, But…

The brain is not very strained

The liver you coast

Drink lemonade a little

Eat to the best of pies

You, of course, well done

Like a pickled cucumber

And in Kino, what will you see?

There will be a right end


This map is an Airplane

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