Negotiating with Chinese

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I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: doing business with the Chinese, you have lost at everything. The good news is, I will help you win this war. This book contains a 7-year experience in negotiating with the Chinese. The detailed review of all the necessary aspects for successful negotiations at any level. You will learn what is the difference between the style of negotiating with the Chinese from ours and how to benefit from it. Make the Chinese play by your rules.

Об авторе

Eva Li

Eva Li was born in Russia. She has two higher education degrees (in pedagogy and Oriental studies). Honors degree. Has a good command of ten languages. Bought a one-way ticket to China in 2010 and left. In 2012, she did a year of training at Capital Normal University (Beijing). Successfully negotiates with the Chinese since 2009. Currently resides in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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