Mean equality

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Mean equality

I went to the store yesterday

The Constitution

Before the fortieth article

Very quickly, I reached

Here about the right to housing

About me, eh-my

Homeless — for life I carry

Proudly your title

There is no roof or corner

The share of the bomb is hard

Without a propiska you’re a friend

Worse than any goat

At work do not take

Without a piece of paper,

You can not become unemployed

It is not necessary and here

And you can not vote

You can only chew food

What is given from the TV screen

Yes, drinking wine

And the damned courts

Not syudy, but all the tudas

And the homeless vagabond

Only to wait from them troubles

Constitution, Hooray!

I have long been time

To have any accommodation

But there arose a hole

A small such flaw —

Constitution for those

Who is the most equal to all

Who is the average of many

The rest of all — from the screw

The situation is simple

The Law is

And behind the Right is Emptiness

Homeless unhappy waiting for a corner

Constitution — the needle

Do not sit down better

Wait for the end, everything will hide the fog…

Shooted Boeing

Malaysian Boeing Falls

Beech missile hit

God in heaven at this time

Probably slept soundly

God do not disturb in vain,

Man is just a louse —

Here is your vote

Plus even more lies

Who is to blame for the execution

Can switchman from wat

Or the one from the TV screen

What always screams «Viva»

You just did not say anything.

And your quay is calm

After all, not you then a rocket

The life of people easily finished

There will be a righteous judgment of God

The defendants will be brought to the hall

Scarcity and swagger

They will not be saved from torture

It’s your fault, and you and I

We repent, friends

So after all with a black stone in the heart

It is impossible to live absolutely

The Crimea

Peninsula (island) Crimea

A ghost, a ghost, a smoke…

Will you be close and dear

Or will you be a stranger?

Everyone shouted here «Krymnas»

With saliva and squeal as much

Who was silent and shrugged his shoulders

Take those on a pencil

Far, but the output is simple

We will build the best Bridge

To the oligarch — privileges

Ungainly mobile — to the post

Bloom our new land

Enjoy, light up

How to sit under the udder

Desnys in the blood yourself rip off

Crimea you are mine for a long time

And I can say one thing

On you who warms his hands

I probably do not care

The Black River

Do you remember our last evening

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