I was deprived of the right

I was deprived of the right

State banditry

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Is there any time limit in the Law given by the Constitution? If this period is 37 years, is this the Right or its profanity? In St. Petersburg today (the book is written at the end of December 2017), apartments are received by waiting lists, registered before March 1, 1980, that is, more than 37 years ago. Civil servants believe that this is in the order of things. The author of the book has a different opinion.



Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov, the author of the book, is a homeless person, a person without a fixed place of residence. Nine years ago, the court deprived him of housing and residence. Four years already, Alexander is in the queue for social housing. And there is very little left to wait for, even some 37 years. That’s what this book is about.