Horoscope for Wealth 2017

Бесплатный фрагмент - Horoscope for Wealth 2017

Russian horoscope

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Horoscope for Wealth 2017

Everyone wants to be rich

Liberal and retrograde

Schoolboy, boss, housewife

And the last renegade

Every kind of wealth from the sky awaits

How will it all happen?

Can gold, money

Rain will ever pass…

Whether you are from the stock exchange clever

Or the naked Papuan

Year two thousand and seventeen

All gifts are available

Aries (21.03 — 20.04)

If Aries are you (sheep)

The year will open a money crane

Go to the bank, take loans

Launch your restaurant

Feed population

Mark a stylish

Thrive, you will be faithful

Only understand the truth

Delicious should be lunch

There are no compromises in the kitchen

And then you will eat here

All the beau monde and the upper world

Taurus (21.04 — 21.05)

Is thirsty for money and Taurus

Sex blower

And he will receive wealth

In the form of wedding rings

After all, how to get up today?

Only through the right marriage

Connections new, dating

They can only help, but…

Will the father-in-law general

The Bishop of the Cathedral

You will receive the rank by right

Deserved, not stolen

Gemini (21.05 — 21.06)

Business Twins

Before hunting well done

At the bull’s eye on the golden

Sharpen cutters

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