Extrasensory sex

Бесплатный фрагмент - Extrasensory sex

Agency Amur

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— Oleg, did you watch the “Psychic Show” yesterday?

— No, I do not watch such programs.

“Imagine, one woman, a hereditary witch, from the photograph of the missing person found the place where he was killed and even said how it all happened.

“Victoria, do you really believe all this nonsense?”

— Why nonsense? She even identified a potential killer.

“Because it’s nonsense.” All these psychics, sorcerers and witches predict and “discover” things that can not be verified. Ah, I had a dream. Ah, it’s hot here. I feel something like that. And more specifically? If the person was killed, say the name of the murderer and show me where the crime weapon is. And so, all this is empty talk.

“But they say that psychics often help the police.” They are attracted to the most complex and complicated cases.

— The most complex cases are untangling the detectives-practitioners. To disclose the crime, one must have not some kind of mythical abilities, but work experience, desire and intuition, of course.

“But intuition is something that is given from above.

— Intuition is not given from above, it also comes with experience. However, that we argue, I still can not change my mind. Have you already prepared advertisements?

— Not yet.

— Come on, by the end of the day you have time. Do not forget to select the heading “Agency Amur. Affair affairs”.

— Yes, boss.

There was a knock at the door.

A man entered. Intelligent look, wearing glasses.

— Hello, my name is Valery, I need your help.

From his story revealed the following. Already a long (relatively) time, Valery meets with Christina. They have a pretty close relationship, but they do not live together. Valery lives with her mother, Christina has her own apartment. His feelings for a woman are strong, he would not mind and marry. But mom is against, she considers Christina a witch. Also speaks, that that has fascinated him. Yes, indeed, Christina is a little older. But she is smart, charming and beautiful. Valery started a conversation in Christina about marriage. That is, I made her an offer. But she asked him not to hurry. But she did not. And Valery is ready to wait, of course. But he did not come to us about this. The fact is that Christina has some kind of secret. Sometimes it disappears. The phone does not answer, it’s not at home. And, most importantly, she can not explain her absence. He says that he must believe her, the case in no way concerns treason. At first Valery was patient. But then his pride jumped and he decided to find out this secret. And he came to us, to the Agency of Amur. We signed the contract and started to work.

— Well, how about this business? I asked Vika.

— Yes, indeed, the story is intriguing. A woman disappears from time to time. There’s some kind of eerie secret. Maybe she’s being kidnapped?

— Aliens?

— Some secret forces.

— Come on. Her secret is probably very simple. Any periodic attacks of melancholy or irritability. She just does not answer the calls and that’s all. Or periodically drinks. I’m ready to argue with you.

But we did not argue, but we organized surveillance. On the stairwell of Christina I installed a hidden video camera. Plus external observation of the object. Cristina was a slender black-haired woman with large expressive eyes. She behaved with people confidently and strictly. And such a lady was probably necessary to her mother’s son Valeria. We did not have the opportunity to monitor it around the clock. Moreover, the observation period could last very long.

For a week I followed Christina in the morning, a week in the second. Victoria daily revised the surveillance camera record. Nothing unusual happened in Christine’s life, no secrets. But we continued to work, while the customer paid for our expenses. And suddenly, our “trap” on the staircase worked. One day, at 23:45, Christina left her apartment. She was wearing only a night-long black shirt and slippers. A woman went down the stairs, not down, but upstairs. The apartment of our facility was on the penultimate, fifteenth floor. There were two apartments on the floor. So, Christina went either to the roof, which is most likely, or to one of the two neighbors on the top floor. Where she went and why, we had to find out. First of all, I installed the camera on the last, 16th floor. So that the view is opened on both the apartments and the door leading to the roof.


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