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Classics fantasy – 4

Classics fantasy – 4

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KETS STAR Idevote Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky’s memorie The story popularizes K. E. Tsiolkovsky’s ideas and is rich not only scientific knowledge of astronomy, aerodynamics, physics, archeology, history, turning into fascinating support of school textbooks, but also masterpieces of “space painting”.

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Сергей Стреляев

WONDERFUL EYE Something reminds the Hyperboloid of the engineer Garin. And in this novel there are inventors villains, rich men are henchmen and to that similar people. Also probably and on Jack London's novels - same dynamic adventure and taking a plot. KETS STAR Really science fiction - art fiction does not contradict laws of physics, mathematics, astronomy. In total it is merged and soldered ideally and beautifully in one work. Also the intrigue is good - till the end of the novel it is unknown and will not even guess who actually these mysterious and so powerful aliens, the good or the evil are born by them to mankind.

July 18, 2019, в 12:21 PM


A. Belyaev
WONDERFUL EYE The ocean steamship “Leviathan” was wrecked in the Atlantic Ocean. Unique opening and inventions to nobody the unknown scientist-engineer of power corporation in Argentina Blasco Jurgues are lost for a civilization.
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