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Part 2. Happiness

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January 1, 2011

Finished entries 1 book called “300000000 $”. They tell how I set myself the goal of getting 300 million dollars for three months. How I went to this goal. What has been achieved. And actually I have reached more than $ 3000000000.

I begin writing the second book. Now I want to find out the question with happiness. Is it there. What people lack for happiness. And how can it be achieved?

We must start, probably with a survey. What is missing for me (and other people) for complete happiness? Create a poll. We’ll save the data. Let us analyze them. Let’s draw conclusions. At the end of the book. So, the poll. You can vote in the community My World, in my blog.

What do I lack for complete happiness? Answers:

— I have everything

— Money

— Health

— Youth

— Good luck

— Personal qualities

— Love

— Faith

— Freedom

— Another answer

2 January 2011

The shortest way to happiness is to just be happy. Now and Forever. But why is the shortest path the most difficult? Why is it so difficult to become happy no matter what? Maybe it’s “in spite of everything” and is a “brake” to getting happiness? Various reservations and mental obstacles prevent you from enjoying a wonderful feeling — Happiness.

The human brain is like a computer (or vice versa?). It is programmed with various settings and principles that are useful for one thing, but are harmful to something else. Therefore, work (and this is all the same work) in “receiving” happiness consists in reprogramming consciousness. In order to reprogram it (consciousness), it is necessary to find out the reasons that prevent a person from being happy. Analyze these reasons and change the “vectors” of installations, setting the right direction.

“Work” for obtaining happiness consists, first of all, in constant control over your thoughts and emotions (derived from thoughts). All that hinders happiness, is identified, analyzed, corrected. If you want to be happy, be it! Comprehend and achieve in this life of happiness — the best state of the human soul, body and spirit!

2 January 2011

If you analyze thoughts and actions (your own or another person), you can come to curious conclusions. What comes from one person to another (thoughts, emotions, actions), almost immediately (and maybe immediately) returns to the “author.” I say this with absolute certainty. It’s very easy to check. You can send any thought or emotion to a specific person, and get a fully adequate response. Not from him, but from “life.” And, your wish will be fulfilled completely, word for word. The only nuance, your “promises” should express your natural emotions. In other words, they must be sincere. I advise you to experiment at your leisure.

Therefore, to achieve some components of happiness is both easy and difficult. You choose what you lack “for complete happiness.” For example, money. It is easy to get money, wanting others (concrete) people to buy them. It’s hard to get money, because your desires for other people to acquire them must be Sincerely. Your heart should rejoice, wanting to get the “components” of happiness to other people. And this is very difficult, if human hearts are not used to rejoice for other people, but vice versa…

You and I will have to work hard to master the components of happiness. I suggest starting with money, continuing the theme of the previous book. Do you want money today? How many people today have you sent (sincerely, wholeheartedly) the wishes to receive money? I, for example, none. Therefore, from this moment, until the end of the day, seeing any person, I will mentally wish him to get a lot of money and abundance in general. I will make him this message with a pure heart and, as they say, from the bottom of my heart. And tomorrow (the day after tomorrow) we will sum up.

The only caveat. Wishing good for other people, we must avoid (completely) send negativity in other situations. Because on the whole the negative can outweigh the positive and the sense from the proposed exercise will not be. That is, total (total) control over thoughts and emotions. It’s difficult? Yes, it is very difficult.

2 January 2011

You can somewhat “facilitate” yourself the task, to wish all people not only, for example, money, but all the best. In the complex, so to speak. Willing, naturally, not “automatically”, out of habit, and sincerely, radiating from the eyes (from the heart) light and warmth. You can make your path to happiness even easier. Just love all people. Every counter, friend and foe, especially, a foe (this is important). You can still make it easier for yourself (be happy) to set up a kind of love wave (to yourself, to everyone, to everything) and cultivate and nurture it. That is, to grow in yourself something divine, about which we already spoke in the first book. And to love this divine in yourself first, of course.

Taking advantage of the opportunity given to me, I wish all readers of my records receive $ 300 million. Also I wish everyone to be happy, loved, beautiful, young, healthy, rich externally and internally. In general, the Word, and especially the printed one, has great power for a person (remember for example the Gospel). Therefore, there are many useful exercises for “improving happiness,” based on descriptions. Example. You have determined what you lack for complete happiness. Take a sheet of paper (or computer keyboard) and write the word-antonym (the opposite in meaning). By writing it a few hundred times, you will definitely help your subconscious to grasp it.

Alexander Nevzorov is a successful, rich, handsome, healthy person. The written proposal will firmly settle in my “inner world”, bringing to me in the external world what is written here. But I wrote this about myself. If the same thing is written by someone else about me, this will affect my subconscious much more (if I decide to accept this statement). Therefore, I invite everyone to take advantage of my proposal, namely — to send me their positive statements about themselves (about you), which I gladly publish in these notes. This we achieve 2 goals — we work on the subconscious of the author of the proposal, and I will also benefit from it, because by publishing a positive opinion about a person, I thereby bring (first of all) my own benefit.

January 4, 2011

Received a letter, I will state here it completely, without changes.

“Dear Alexander Nevzorov! Friends advised to contact you for help. One problem does not give me rest all my life. But in order. My name is Alexey. I am 50 years old. I live in the city of Yekaterinburg. I have two adults already children. There are several marriages. I am engaged in business.

The problem that constantly worries me is money, or rather their absence. Because of this, my marriages disintegrated. Because of this, my personal and business life is unsettled today. I lay down with thoughts of money and fall asleep with this thought. When money is available, everything is good in your personal life, you are loved and respected. When there is no money, you do not need anyone, not even yourself. It can not be said that I’m some sort of motive, but money does not hold in my hands, it seeps through my fingers and leaves. In his 50 years did not accumulate anything and did not work for old age, although all my life I only try to earn.

Now I am in a difficult financial situation. Business last fell apart. I’m trying to somehow survive this dashing time, as they say. What other of my data are you interested in? Help, give advice, how to live further. Sincerely, Alexey A.”

January 4, 2011

The person is happy in the “complex”. Happiness is expressed by his soul and body, thoughts and actions, joy and love are present in every cell of it. What is the “physical” basis of happiness? A happy look, a look, a joyful body posture, and first of all, of course, a smile. Is it possible to become happy, having come from this side, from external manifestations of happiness?

I affirm that by “dressing” the sight of a happy person, a person thereby attracts happiness itself. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Try it.

During my childhood in theaters, there was an American film “Oh, Lucky One”. About the person who was taught (the teacher and life itself) to smile in spite of everything to succeed. Good, indicative in this respect, the film.

Look at the western “stars”, the successful people there and our network marketing leaders. That’s who personifies success and happiness (words are synonyms?). Can a star be gloomy? Maybe, only then will all her fans turn her back. And she will no longer be a star.

So, I propose to put on a smile and walk with her down the street like a fool? Yes, that’s what I propose. Only to walk not as a fool, but as a happy person (with happiness already held). Let people look, because their smile attracts. How she attracts (smile) and success and joy, and love, and Happiness. So let’s smile (constantly) to each other, people, children, nature, morning, evening, Life. Smile, people, Happiness has come to you!

January 5, 2011

What should Alexei say to Ekaterinburg? He chose for himself a difficult path of entrepreneurship and therefore he has no one to blame for his fate. Work it as an engineer (technician, foreman, worker) in some quiet office, get your 10—15 tr. and “do not deny yourself anything,” he does not want such a share. He wants to make a lot of money, but here, in business, there are many risks.

The first impression of a letter is that a person is too fixated on the problem of money. So I want to say to him: “Go to the conservatory, listen to the symphony orchestra. Go to the park or go to the forest, spend a day skiing among nature. Relax in some way, take off the problem of money. “But he does not wait for such an answer, he needs an answer to the question posed.

How is his question formulated? How to live on? What to do? There is no question: “Who is to blame?”. Joke. The correct answer is: “Do not make money out of money (absence, presence). Avoid it (this problem), do not let her close to her. After all, the problem is something you yourself, this is your choice. You can consider the lack of money as a problem, but you can not count it.”

This is a general answer. But what exactly needs to be done to remove this problem? What actions or actions? What is the mechanism for removing the problem? This is the next post.

January 6, 2011

From Alexey’s short letter one can not draw a conclusion about the causes of his problem, too little information. To get it, you need a dialogue with Alexey, you need leading questions, you need a more complete description of the problem. One thing is certain, there is a problem, and this problem is connected with money. What does the word “problem” mean? In this case, as in most cases, this means a negative attitude of the subject to some situation. In fact, Alexei has a negative attitude toward money, despite the fact that he applies all his strength to their receipt.

How is any problem fixed? It is necessary to change the negative attitude to the situation by a positive one. And the most powerful and effective positive is love. Alexis needs (strange as it may sound for someone) to love money. There are many ways (exercises) for this. Here are 2 of them, the most applicable, in my opinion, to this case. Alexei and does not expect general advice and reasoning, but specific recommendations.

1. Within 10 days (today the first one) one should write 100 phrases on a piece of paper or “on the computer”. The text of the phrase is: “I love money.” 10 days for 100 phrases.

2. Put a “beacon” on the word “money” or similar words, for example, rubles, dollars, cost, price, etc. To put a beacon means when you mention someone and yourself the words “money” or their synonym, to make certain actions in your thoughts. In this case it could be the phrase: “I love money.” That is, if Alexei catches himself thinking that he thinks about money, or hears this word in a conversation, he should mentally say to himself or out loud: “I love money.” And so all the time, at least a month.

3. It is more effective to put a beacon with a string from some song. In this case, for example, the phrase from the song (cartoon) of the Bremen Musicians fits: “And I love money.” The song of the atamans of the robbers. The line from the song is better remembered. And with the word “money” you just need to sing “I love money”. So simple? Yes, if you remember this and do it all the time.

January 8, 2011

Exercise “a hundred times ten”, i.e., writing the phrase 100 times in a row within 10 days, described in the previous note, operates without fail. After writing the phrase “I love money” after the first day, suddenly (suddenly?) I had several ideas for attracting these very money. Naturally, it is necessary to remember the observance of the rule of law, ethics, etc.

As for the “smile” exercise, it is also very effective. For example, a person is in a room alone. He smiles, just does this exercise. If at this time he analyzes his thoughts, he will see (hear, joke) that his thoughts change (along with emotions). They change in a positive direction. It just gets better or much better than it was. In other words, by smiling, he improves (changes) his state of health.

If a person “puts on” a smile “in public”, then his attitude to people automatically changes. All negative emotions go away, they are replaced by positive ones. And it attracts people, attracts good thoughts and emotions, attracts all the good things in life. Smiling, a person loves himself, loves people, loves the whole world.

January 9, 2011

Exercise “100 times for 10 days” effectively works against any complexes and prejudices. The main complex, inherent in many people, from which various numerous “complexes” grow, is dislike for oneself. And to begin, in principle, it is necessary with the exercise, where the phrase “I love myself” is written.

By the way this exercise is done, you can determine the degree of “neglect” of the problem. If you write reluctantly, there is no time, it is written heavily and with different difficulties, so the problem deep inside somewhere. Especially it is necessary to understand it. And if it is written easily and freely, then everything is in order, you can let it (the problem) go.

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