The secrets of friendship

Fairy tales from magic forests

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ISBN 978-5-4483-4304-9

О книге

Many people need true friends and so do creatures from magic forests. Seven fairy tales will lift a lid on important secrets of friendship, help children find true friends and maintain friendships. “The Secrets Of Friendship” is children’s literature with elements of fantasy and adventure.

Об авторе

Nataliya Vasilyeva

Nataliya Ruslanovna Vasilyeva is the author and illustrator of the book “The Secrets Of Friendship” and co-author of the book “Охота за ‘звёздами’ в Лондоне” (The Hunt for the “stars” in London). Nataliya writes poetry, composes music and writes songs. She has been living in London for 18 years, where she received a degree in music and began writing books. The author dedicates the book, available in English and Russian, to children who would like to learn about friendships.

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