Suvorov & business. Everlasting lessons from the russian master strategist

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ISBN 978-5-4490-6839-2

О книге

Alexander Suvorov, Russian military general, is known to have spoken seven languages, including Turkish and Finnish, was an expert in military history, a brilliant mathematician, and never lost a single battle. Some ideas of the famous general will be considered in this book through the prism of the business environment. I hope that entrepreneurs will appreciate the parallels drawn and will learn a lot of useful lessons from Suvorov’s covenants.

Об авторе

Yury Yavorsky

Russian business expert and coach. Graduate of the Military Academy. Regular officer until retirement in 1993. Founder of the RIDA brand, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of armored, stretch, and VIP vehicles. 2018 is the anniversary year for RIDA when the author celebrates 25 years since the establishment of his business, which has gone beyond experience to family traditions. A father of two sons, who now manage the family corporation. Author of business books and courses.

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