The Art of Winning. The Startup Guide

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ISBN 978-5-4485-6953-1

О книге

About the book. This book by the Russian entrepreneur is about setting up your own business and what is the best way to start if you have made up your mind. Multiple tips of the author are illustrated by 25 years of experience and urge the reader to perform gap analysis if you are in the business and contain recommendations on avoiding typical mistakes or misconceptions found in American books, and dispel the myths that armchair business wizards create.

Об авторе

Yury Yavorsky

Russian business expert and coach. Graduate of the Military Academy. Regular officer until retirement in 1993. Founder of the RIDA brand, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of armored, stretch, and VIP vehicles. 2018 is the anniversary year for RIDA when the author celebrates 25 years since the establishment of his business, which has gone beyond experience to family traditions. A father of two sons, who now manage the family corporation. Author of business books and courses.

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