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О книге

The documentary and art photostory about an island, right-bank part of St. Petersburg with which building of the city began. Supplied more than fifty color photos, the story will tell also of the Cabin of Peter the Great constructed in three days and of the first in the city park «for commonalty», and of the Artillery museum, with the world’s largest collection of weapon, of the cruiser «Aurora» which did to so many noise for the whole world the shot and of the Mosque, largest in Europe… Here, and again we met, dear reader! Our first meeting happened as it is remembered, on Trinity Bridge (see Valery Pikulev and Valery Gulyakin’s first book: «Acquaintance to St. Petersburg. Photostory about the Great City»). Then, already as boon companions, «stormed» we bastions of the St. Petersburg fortress (and it already in Valery Pikulev and Valery Gulyakin’s second book: «St. Petersburg fortress. Photostory about the Peter and Paul Fortress of St. Petersburg). Now acquaintance to a right-bank part of the historic center of St. Petersburg is necessary to us (and it, this «center», occupying the space more than 30 square kilometers, covers both the Peter and Paul Fortress, and the right coast of Neva, and left… and to the Shooter of huge Vasilyevsky Island… — and all this waits for us still ahead!) And so far we will go to wander about the enormous island of the delta of the Neva River adjoining from the northeast a small island on which the St. Petersburg (Peter and Paul) fortress was built… and where we already visited last time. We will be helped with this travel by stunning with the skill, fine photos executed by Valery Gulyakin. The island about which the speech will go in a century before last called St. Petersburg, and at the time of Pyotr — at first Koyvisaari, then already, in Russian, Beryozovy, then Gorodovy (City) island. Now Petersburgers call the island the Petrograd Side. It is the best of all to begin acquaintance to this island, perhaps, with that place where the St. Petersburg’s first house was built… Go, and we will modestly bow to the first inhabited construction of our Great City which so happily remained … — give, approach Cabin of Peter the Great. So, the city began to be built up, exactly, from here — from a small one-storey timbered «monarchic lodge». The house was cut down from pine logs by grenadiers of the Semyonovsky regiment in three days, — by May 26, 1703! Here so all also began! These are then already great «guest workers» of the past, — Domenico Trezzini, Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Antonio Rinaldi, Jean Baptiste Valen-Delamot, Etienne Falcone, Giacomo Quarenghi, Vincenzo Brenna, Charlz Cameron, Thomas de Tomon, Luigi Rusca, Karl Rossi, August Montferrand … — it is already created then by their genius all that stunning magnificence which is now called St. Petersburg! And in the beginning there was this lodge… «Red mansion» as called then a monarchic lodge, was worked in three days, without efforts and troubles: an outer entrance hall in the middle, on each side … — at Russians so did not build two little rooms with wide windows. And that as, — more than hundred years here Swedes managed! — here also semyonovets copied a usual Swedish log hut which in the siikh places only and met. Built quickly and without special inventions! Already shortly before Peter death the architect Domenico Trezzini built, being afraid of floods, so frequent in these parts, stone protection around a lodge. And in 1731 «the tsar lodge» was covered, wishing to keep it for descendants, wooden construction. In 1784 over this construction established the stone case which accepted in 1844 present outlines in style of Petrovsky baroque. Still later, from 1872 to 1875, also the garden with Peter I’s bust appeared. Trinity Square… Red Square in Moscow, even Palace — in St. Petersburg, — cannot apply for the status of the Main square of Russia at Pyotr! This status by right belongs to Trinity Square, oldest in the city! Exactly here the tsar Pyotr accepted the Emperor’s title, and Russia became the Empire! There was it on October 22, 1721 in Holy Trinity Cathedral from which and the name of the area went. Yours faithfully! Valery Pikulev

Об авторе

Valery Pikulev

Valery Aleksandrovich Pikulev, lives in St. Petersburg, the associate professor. Writes since the beginning of the 2000th. It is published in Russia, in Germany. Main direction: the works which are positively influencing mentality of readers as “word” is the powerful modulator of our consciousness. Valery Nikolaevich Gulyakin, lives in St. Petersburg, the engineer, the photographer. Creates thematic photo albums across St. Petersburg. Directs a society of fans of history of the city.

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