Acquaintance to St. Petersburg

Photostory about The Great City

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ISBN 978-5-4485-5587-9

О книге

The documentary and art photostory about St. Petersburg illustrated more than two tens color photos, is, on — to a being, peculiar “business card” at the first acquaintance to The Great City. It acquaints the reader not only with man-made beauty of the Northern Capital, but also opens very difficult history of emergence of the city, its value for Russia and, — the main thing! — opens wide soul of the Great Child of Pyotr.

Об авторе

Valery Pikulev

Valery Aleksandrovich Pikulev, lives in St. Petersburg, the associate professor. Writes since the beginning of the 2000th. It is published in Russia, in Germany. Main direction: the works which are positively influencing mentality of readers as “word” is the powerful modulator of our consciousness. Valery Nikolaevich Gulyakin, lives in St. Petersburg, the engineer, the photographer. Creates thematic photo albums across St. Petersburg. Directs a circle of fans of history of the city.

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