Mysteries of The St.Petersburg suburbs: Kroniort’s gold

Historical photostory

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ISBN 978-5-4485-4959-5

О книге

О книге

Documentary and art historical photostory. By historical reconstruction covers drama events of the past: release of the northwest lands of Russia from the Swedish occupation (1703) also describes search of gold treasury of the Swedish general Abraham Kroniort near the northern suburb of St. Petersburg — Sestroretsk. Based on the real facts, with a set of color photos (more than 60), the story opens as well history of the city of Sestroretsk — from the birth and up to now. «Everything will pass…» — as is sung in one good song, performed by Mikhail Boyarsky loved by me. No, Mikhail Sergeyevich, — at all respect, not all! — there is a Past, it is always with us. And, — believe! — sometimes helps to live in the Present. On that it is, the past… And here the song another, and too isn’t bad: «There is only an instant between the past and future, — it is called life…» And too, — by! At first sight can even seem that all so, «all by»: life, — only series of imperceptible Instants of the Present clamped in a vice between the Past and Future. Moment! — and it any more in the Past, isn’t present him any more; and the following — it just in the future, it is absent yet… and we live only in imperceptibly thin Present, between «already» and «still»! And whether so it actually? The ninetieth years of the last century … («dashing nineties» as they are called now): boom of occultism and obscurantism: «tops», «love spells», pseudo-healing… But among hundreds of charlatans and deceivers who have emerged on their muddy wave units of carriers of property of clairvoyance sometimes appeared, — and nobody denies it now! — when somebody sees our past, and рáвно and the future as if considering a certain photo… And whether it is possible, — well, somehow! — to see the Past or the Future… which are absent?! And if it, nevertheless, is possible, then it is necessary to recognize that the Past and the Future exist along with the Present — now! Here also leaves that the past — at all not what isn’t present any more, and the future … — well, you understand! And here, as a result of similar reasonings there was this photostory reconstruction about the northern suburbs of the Hail of Peter which have become at the Great Emperor the chief supplier of weapon for army and the young fleet of Russia — about the nice city of Sestroretsk, about his legendary plant and about secrets which excite minds not of one generation of Petersburgers. To tell about the small town which is modestly sheltered in a shadow of Great St. Petersburg — a task difficult. Moreover, the danger of temptation to come down to such historical reference book forced to review critically already well fulfilled and given a dry run acceptances of a similar genre. And therefore the project represents attempt of reconstruction of the major historical events which forever returned to Russia its northwest lands. That who is not familiar with the location of Sestroretsk on the card yet, can prompt: friends, you, of course, know well where there is St. Petersburg… And so, it — near Sestroretsk! Sincerely! — Valery Pikulev

Об авторе

Valery Pikulev

Valery Aleksandrovich Pikulev, lives in St. Petersburg, Candidate of Technical Sciences. Is engaged in literary creativity since the beginning of the 2000th, — stories, novels, — it is published from the 2014th, in Russia, in Germany… A principal direction in the literary activities reads creation of the works which are positively influencing mentality of readers as «word», and especially — printing, — is the powerful instrument of modulation of our consciousness, so, — behavior, habits, character… and destiny.

Виктор Грязнов


The book very interesting. I recommend to all.

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