Mysteries of The St.Petersburg suburbs: Kroniort’s gold

Mysteries of The St.Petersburg suburbs: Kroniort’s gold

Historical photostory

167 стр.
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О книге

Documentary and art historical photostory. By historical reconstruction covers drama events of the past: release of the northwest lands of Russia from the Swedish occupation (1703) also describes search of gold treasury of the Swedish general Abraham Kroniort near the northern suburb of St. Petersburg — Sestroretsk. Based on the real facts, with a set of color photos (more than 60), the story opens as well history of the city of Sestroretsk — from the birth and up to now.


Виктор Грязнов

The book very interesting. I recommend to all.

5 августа 2017 г., в 4:34


Valery Pikulev
Valery Pikulev
Valery Aleksandrovich Pikulev, lives in St. Petersburg, Candidate of Technical Sciences. Is engaged in literary creativity since the beginning of the 2000th, — stories, novels, — it is published from the 2014th, in Russia, in Germany… A principal direction in the literary activities reads creation of the works which are positively influencing mentality of readers as «word», and especially — printing, — is the powerful instrument of modulation of our consciousness, so, — behavior, habits, character… and destiny.